DX in India 

Mike Brooker's Indian DX Log: December 1995/January 1996

In between visits to temples and ashrams, rides on Indian Railways, and an attempt to visit Akashvani Bhavan in New Delhi, here is what I heard on my trusty Panasonic RFB-45.

Akashvani Bhavan(MB-DEL) Mike Brooker, DXing in New Delhi
(MB-HAR) "  DXing in Haridwar & Rishikesh, Uttar Pradesh
(MB-VAR) "  DXing in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
(MB-BAR) "  DXing in Baroda (Vadodara), Gujarat (loggings were actually done in ashrams in Kayavarohan and Malav, two small towns about 35-40 km from Baroda.)

All times are UTC.  Local time in India (Indian Standard Time) is 5½ hours ahead of UTC.  A dual time zone watch is essential for DX in India, otherwise  you will constantly be doing mental arithmetic calculating the half-hour difference.

162 FRANCE, Allouis, Jan. 1, 0012 pr w/FF commentary on Bosnia.  (MB-BAR)

162 UZBEKISTAN, Tahskent, Dec. 9, 1950 fr w/classical mx, Uzbek talk.  (MB-DEL)

171 MOROCCO, R. Mediterranée Internationale, Jan. 1, 0000 fr w/woman reading FF nx, "Radio Médi" ID into Arabic rock mx.  (MB-BAR)

180 GERMANY, Europe #1, Jan. 1, 0016 fr-pr w/commentary by woman in GG, reviewing events in Europe in 1995.  (MB-BAR)

180 KAZAKHSTAN, Dec. 9, 2000* fr-pr s/off w/Kazakh national anthem.  (MB-DEL)

207 JORDAN, Al Karanah, Dec. 29, 2354 fr w/Arabic talk, time signal at 0000 followed by "Huna Amman...al hashimya" ID into nx.  (MB-BAR)

225 RUSSIA, Sirgut, Dec. 9 2004 fr w/RR nx, "Radio Rossii" ID, //567. (MB-DEL)

252 ALGERIA, Tipaza, Jan. 1, 2332 fr in FF w/listener's calls, new year's greetings, Arab-Berber techno-rock.  (MB-BAR)

261 RUSSIA, Chita, Jan. 1, 2328 fr-pr w/opera mx, //567  (MB-BAR)

279 RUSSIA, (4 sites listed in WRTH), Jan. 1, 2325 gd w/RR nx, not //261 or 567.  (MB-BAR)

540 PAKISTAN, Peshawar, Dec. 11, 1132 fr w/Urdu talk by woman, "Ye Pakistan hai" ID.  (MB-DEL)

540 IRAN, Mashhad, Dec. 11, 2210 gd w/Farsi talk, martial mx, //558, 684.  (MB-DEL)

549 RUSSIA (one of several possible QTH's), Dec. 11, 2215 gd w/RR "Volga Boatman"-type folk songs, //576, 594, 810.  (MB-DEL)

576 RUSSIA (also one of several QTH's), Dec. 8, 2232 gd w/RR nx.  (MB-DEL)

576 NEPAL, Surkhet, Dec. 11, 1135 gd w/Hindu chanting, //792, 5005.  (MB-DEL)

666 CHINA, Qinghai, Dec. 8, 0005 pr w/Chinese talk and tinny martial mx before local Delhi-666 s/on.  (MB-DEL)

666 SYRIA, Sabboura, Dec. 29, 2350 fr w/Arabic commentary alternating between man and woman, many mentions of Israel.  (MB-BAR)

702 IRAN, Rasht, Dec. 8, 2215 fr w/Farsi commentary w/mentions of Chechnya.  (MB-DEL)

738 ISRAEL, Tel Aviv, Dec. 8, 2200 fr w/time signal, Arabic ID "Saut el Israel min Yerushalayim" into nx by woman.  (MB-DEL)

819 EGYPT, Batra, Dec. 7, 2330 fr w/Arabic nx or commentary by woman, many mentions of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.  Also noted before local Delhi-819 s/on.  (MB-DEL)

882 SRI LANKA, TWR, Dec. 7, 2343 fr w/Tamil sermon, many mentions of Israel.  (MB-DEL)

1035 PAKISTAN, Multan, Dec. 10, 0100 fr-gd w/Urdu ID "Ye Radio Pakistan hai" into nx by woman, w/frequent mentions of Kashmir.  (MB-DEL)

1080 PAKISTAN, Lahore, Dec. 10, 0100 fr in EE w/cricket play-by-play.  (MB-DEL)

1152 PAKISTAN, Rawalpindi, Dec. 16, 2345 fr in EE w/cricket play-by-play.  (MB-HAR)

1179 SWEDEN, R. Sweden, Jan. 1, 2355-2358* fr in EE w/entertainment review for 1995, ABBA songs, s/off anct.  (MB-BAR)

1260 GREECE, VOA Relay (Rhodes), Dec. 17, 0000 fr w/usual Yankee Doodle signature into EE nx, //1548.  (MB-HAR)

1440 SAUDI ARABIA, Damman, Dec. 14, 2250-2301* fr w/Koranic chanting, ID and s/off anct w/several mentions of "Arabiyah al Saudiya", s/off w/national anthem.  (MB-HAR)

1548 KUWAIT, VOA Relay, Dec. 8, 2224 fr in EE w/stock market report.  (MB-DEL)

1575 THAILAND, VOA Relay, Dec. 22, 0015 gd w/EE business nx, promo for "VOA Saturday" program, //1548  (MB-VAR)

On SW, I listened mostly to BBC, VOA and Radio Australia.  Reception of Radio Canada International's English broadcast to India on 9550 and 7125 kHz, from 1630-1700, was mediocre at best, but it was good to hear a voice from home and the only way to find out the scores of the Leafs and Raptors games.


Monitored December 26, 1995 on Marine Drive (downtown Bombay, on shore of Back Bay) from 0830-0930 UTC.

522  UNID utility beacon, pr
531  Jodhpur, pr
558  Bombay, local
630  Thrisoor, fr-pr
648  Indore, fr-pr
684  Kozhikode, pr
720  Madras, pr
792  Pune, exc
810  Rajkot, exc
846  Ahmedabad, exc
900  Cuddapuh, fr
963  Jalgaon, fr-gd
1044 Bombay, local
1071 Rajkot, exc
1116 Srinagar, fr-gd
1143 Ratnagiri, fr-pr
1188 Bombay, local
1251 Sungli, fr
1260 Ambikapur, fr
1287 Panaji, fr-pr
1314 Bhuj, pr
1350 Jalandhar, fr-pr
1485 Vadodara, pr
1530 Agra, fr-pr
1539 Panaji, fr
1602 Pune, fr


Monitored December 22, 1995 from 0700-0745 UTC at Dashaswamedha Ghat on the Ganges.  For any practicing Hindu, this is about as sacred a DX spot as it gets!!

549  Ranchi, exc
558  Khulna, Bangladesh, fr
576  Surkhet, Nepal, fr
621  Patna, exc
630  Dhaka, Bangladesh, pr
648  Dhankuta, Nepal, fr-pr
675  Chattarpur, fr
747  Lucknow, vgd
792  Kathmandu, Nepal, fr-pr
801  Jabalpur, fr
819  Delhi, fr
846  Shillong, fr-pr
873  Jalandhar, pr
882  Imphal, fr
900  Cuddapah, pr
909  Gorakhpur, gd
1026 Allahbad, fr
1179 Rewa, fr
1242 Varanasi, local
1566 Nagpur, fr-gd
1602 Patna, exc

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